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You are an individual part of a fast-moving world trying to make a living, get ahead, and better yourself and others. And you have a very real problem: Regardless of your income, you constantly find yourself needing to owe or borrow; and when you do, the realities of credit requirements confront you once again. Will it ever end? Probably not!

So, what is expected of you? It seems to change constantly. After all, it wasn’t so long ago that credit cards were sent out in the mail whether you asked for them or not! Not anymore. Could it be that credit, in its infancy, was mishandled by lenders and borrowers alike? You recall when credit was easy to obtain. And then when it was nearly impossible to obtain. Then, with changes in Federal money policies, it became easy again.

And credit language! You certainly didn’t learn that in school! Terms such as “debt ratios”, the “sum of the periodic time balances method”, “APR”, “balloon payments”, “deferred balance”, “report inquiries”, reverse mortgage and “over extended”. Perhaps, in spite of all this, you have barely managed to cope and keep ahead Congratulations! Many did not. As societal changes occur unemployment, increased numbers of bankruptcies, higher divorce rates, two-wage-earner families, and increased mobility among the population- these changes serve drastically to affect credit practices and policies.

In any case you still feel you lack the knowledge necessary to deal with one to the most important long-term aspects of your life: CREDIT! After all issues such as whether or not you are able to obtain a car, lease or buy a home, obtain credit cards for identification, all have very immediate effects on you and your family.

When you have a legal problem, you consult an attorney. When you are ill, you see a doctor. But when it comes to credit and credit repair, where can you turn?

TELTRANS CREDIT can help you solve these problems. We are THE FIRST NAME IN CREDIT REPAIR, with information designed to get you back on the right track and keep you there. We’ll help educate you on how to clean up the mistakes of the past and improve your credit rating. Then, we’ll show you how to build and maintain that all important, valuable possession: your credit rating.

At TELTRANS CREDIT, not only do we serve you, our client, but by serving you we serve the community as a whole. Good credit and good credit habits reflect INTEGRITY, RESPONSIBILITY, TRUST, and GOOD CHARACTER Thus in the larger sense, we are a “Community” as well as a “Consumer” Information and Education Service Organization.

While the education offered by TELTRANS CREDIT are generally available to everyone, regardless of their past circumstances, we discourage those who would view credit as a convenient short-term solution rather than as an important, lifelong commitment an indicator of character, integrity and good faith.

While you discover the services provided by TELTRANS CREDIT, we will discover together where you have been financially. We’ll show you how to review, analyze and determine where you really are at present and plan a course to correct the mistakes of the past and open new doors to the future.

In addition to the basic Credit education service, we offer a program or free legal advice from participating attorneys, referrals for debt relief, payment restructuring, even bankruptcy counseling, if needed In some areas there’s even help in finding and qualifying for real estate purchases. And there’s free online assistance in applying for credit.

Finally, and most importantly, you’ll never feel alone again. We are here with a “be of service” attitude, based on fairness, integrity and a genuine concern for your well-being.

Explore in detail the tremendous services available through TELTRANS CREDIT, Credit Problem? No Problem! Stop being Rejected, Rejected Rejected!